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Palm Beach Tennis - Serving Palm Beach County and South Florida

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The cities and towns that make up Palm Beach County are well known for having some of the best tennis courts, tennis shops, and tennis instruction in the world.

Some of the regions most well known tennis centers are located in: Jupiter, Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach and Boca Raton.

It is worth mentioning that excellent: tennis centers, tennis lessons and tennis shops can be found in Broward County as well as Dade County. Notable cities include: Coral Gables, Miami Beach, Miami, Sunny Isles, Golden Beach and Aventura. That city lists reflects Dade County. Now for Broward County the city list goes like this: Deerfield Beach, Coconut Creek, Ft Lauderdale as well as Dania Beach and Hollywood. In all the cities mentioned above you will find places to express your tennis passion.


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A great article on Tennis! - This Article Section is updated periodically.

Tennis - Not Simple..

by: Santi Lee

Tennis want exhaustive, precise, steadfast, want just right time, coordination(hand, eye, foot), speed, determine and body strong.

The compete tennis each to share equally player will determine about 900-1000 time which each determine not to 1 second.

Also dominant tennis is stop and go which don't like football or basketball they have continuously to play. Then tennis use thinking in mind with dead time middle point (20 second) period especially and period change side (1-1.5 minute) which play this build compression to competition.

Real fighter in one game to find that one in three this time have to hit tennis and two in three this time to expend to middle point and to change side. In time stop to play in mind will think in various ways.

Finally you not determination so mind nature/determination is player then player should control change interest to change back to quick from action to thought. Regular is determination not continued to make efficiency use idea and determination to lowered technical error in stroke production.

The kind effect to mind and determination

- Knock out system player not course to make amends will feel to be beaten (children) and to contract in game. - In time don't know about end game because tennis don't fix time same football. - Don't know start time because table to compete no fix time in table tell limited "Followed by" wait long time to make bore and body not ready. - Possesser confused to much about to play/train to play tennis children to be born compression and not confident Behaviour's children not confident - Not train - Easy end to persevere when learn to new skill - Not to persevere in compete time - Hight set up to target to exceed true - Find reference for avoid to lose/mistake - In lose time have refernce or win tell fortune

How to champion in level young people international or professional

- Research find develop foe children to top sportsman use time 8-12 years - For coach, sportsman and possesser mean train 3 hours for 1 day in 10 years. - Call "10 Years Rule"or '10000 Hours Rule' - Long term development Plan not short time - Magority possesser and coach usually "to come off' to stress in short time to pay attention to effect compete.



The Palm Beach Tennis City List Made Clearer From North To South:

  • Tequesta Tennis
  • Jupiter Tennis
  • Palm Beach Tennis
  • Boynton Tennis
  • Delray Beach Tennis
  • Delray Tennis
  • Boca Raton Tennis
  • Deerfield Beach Tennis
  • Coconut Creek Tennis
  • Parkland Tennis
  • Dania Beach Tennis
  • Ft Lauderdale Tennis
  • Hollywood Tennis
  • Aventura Tennis
  • Sunny Isles Tennis
  • Miami Beach Tennis
  • Miami Tennis
  • Coral Gables Tennis

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